How much is shipping domestically in Australia?

Your bag of treats will be shipped via express post (next day delivery for capital cities) for $11.00 P+H.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! We send every thing via Australia Post Air Mail to any destination in the world for a flat fee of $20.00, no matter how much stock you order. New Zealand orders are $12.00. If you pay a fee of $2000 we will ship it in person! (okay so maybe we will go for a little holiday to Disneyland while we're at it...) You can find all Shipping prices under the Shipping tab at the bottom of the page.

My mum said the internet is a dangerous place and that I shouldn't take candy from strangers...

Your mum is right. But sometimes strangers make the BEST candy. Okay, so that's not based on facts. As for the dangerous business, we have a few techno whirlies attached to the site. SSL, yeah we got it. Encryption keys? Totally have that on lock. Excellent products? Chyeah! So you will be sure to have all of your private information kept exactly that, private. Unlike the diary you kept as a teenager. 
Your payment will be secure and everything will be peaches. Tell your mum I said hi. 

Are you single?

Yes, and thanks for the reminder. Jerk. I'm sorry that was mean. I apologise.

How long does shipping take?

Orders will be compiled and shipped within 24 hours. Providing that your item is in stock (you will be notified immediately if this is not the case), domestically you should get your order within one business day of shipping (if you live in relative capital cities and other places next day delivery venture to) as for international shipping it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. But we find that 10 days is pretty standard. Unless you live in the land of Oz in which case we can only assume that flying monkeys CAN and WILL interfere with your treats. Monkeys appreciate style too you know.