About Us

As a young girl, Brooklyn Commons owner Brooke McMaster had dreamed of being either a caterpillar or Forest Gump. It took her some time to realise that, 1) it was physically impossible to be a caterpillar and 2) they were herbivores, and she couldn’t resist a lamb cutlet. The other was a fictional character from the 1994 movie of the same name, starring Academy Award Winner, Tom Hanks, and the matter of male anatomy was brought up (or lack thereof.)

This forced Brooke to reassess her life goals and strive for something that was physically possible.

She attended Griffith University (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) in 2005, excited to enrol in writing and theatre, to start her tertiary journey. A year later she changed her degree and planned for a life spent mirroring Barbara Walters fine tiny foot steps. It didn’t take long before Brooke discovered Cameron Crowe’s 1999 movie Almost Famous, that she decided to hang up her Barbara Walters shoes and become like William 'The Enemy’ Miller. She spent over six years as a freelance journalist within the music industry, and enjoyed successful years crossing over into public relations and artist management. 

In 2008, Brooke was diagnosed with an auto-immune system disorder that saw her on complete bed rest for at least six months, and homebound for several years. Although she still battles with this on a daily basis, she manages well and looks to the positives through her writing, family (including her treasured Lhatese, Muffy) television, movies and friends.

Brooke finally (and she stresses this) graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Communications  in Film and Media and also qualified for a Business degree in Public Relations. She also completed a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, has a bevy of other smaller qualifications filed under 'chief procrastinator', and an encyclopaedic knowledge on all things Marlon Brando.

The next logical step was to combine her years spent on the road with smelly and talented musicians, with her knowledge of the industry, and pursue her passion of indie inspired fashions and accessories. A plan that could enlist the help of her family, to help her run the business and hopefully impress boys. 

After a weekend of listening to Vampire Weekend and watching Boy Meets World re-runs, Brooklyn Commons was born.